True Gravity:

The Practice of Creating Stellar Business

Million Dollar Ideas To Create Your Team for Fun, Wealth and Amazing Experiences

Generate new business and influence by creating a network for a wealthier and happier life. Better yet, be the “centre of the universe!” Come travel through this interstellar book, which helps you connect with and influence the RIGHT people!

Learn the steps to create a strong personal solar system based around a group of carefully-selected people who share similar beliefs, practices and ethics. Put more focus into relationships that matter by letting go of “black holes,” re-directing “comets,” and managing the “asteroids” in your life. Best of all – identify and develop the core of what makes the best YOU.

Learn how to create “True Gravity” by crafting your perfect planetary team. So put on your space suit and get ready for a cosmic adventure in creating a personal and professional network, which will launch you to your maximum potential.

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