Bring the True Gravity concepts to life with courses led by the author, B.D. Dalton

Is your business ready for sale today, even if you’re not ready to sell?
Can you grow it quickly now to get more out of it?

Enterprise Value

Want 3 killer questions that will make your clients buy more, and more often?
Do you want to attract clients for life?
Become a 3G Adviser – here’s how

3G Adviser

Spending huge amounts of time & money on networking?
Wonder if it’s working?
Here’s how to hunt in packs and be a more effective networker

True Gravity

Upcoming dates to build your Enterprise Value:

10 May – Enterprise Value Accelerator at Taurus Wealth BOOK NOW

Upcoming dates to create your own 3G Adviser:

20 June – 3G Adviser Igniter at Aston Wood Golf Club BOOK NOW

10 July – 3G Adviser Accelerator in Birmingham BOOK NOW

Upcoming dates to launch your True Gravity:

23 May – True Gravity Accelerator (3-day course: 23 May, 23 June and 19 July) BOOK NOW

20 September – True Gravity Igniter at Aston Wood Golf Club BOOK NOW

Don’t let True Gravity be a book you buy then use to prop up your laptop.  Let the author, B.D. Dalton, bring the concepts to life and apply them to your personal situation.

There are THREE ways to blast your business into the stratosphere:

Igniter  – these are taster sessions, usually lasting 2-3 hours, where you’ll get the tools and tips you’ll need to implement the True Gravity book concepts

Accelerator – run as a 3-day series, these are intense workshops of 5 people working to apply the True Gravity concepts specifically to their life and business, with personal instruction from B.D. himself to guide them

Center of the Universe – this is 1:1 personal application of the True Gravity principles into your life and business